Disinfecting Surgical Instruments

Cleaning surgical instruments is the prerequisite for disinfecting surgical instruments and sterilizing surgical instruments. If surgical instruments are not clean they cannot be disinfected or sterilized. 

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Summary: Properly Designed Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors and surgical instrument cleaners clean all surfaces thoroughly, thereby providing the critical prerequisite for the safe handling, disinfecting, and the sterilizing of surgical instruments. Washer Disinfectors, perform pre-wash, ultrasonic cleaning, detergent washing, purified water elevated temperature rinsing, lubrication and high temperature drying in such a manner as to provide thoroughly clean, stain free and lubricated medical devices. Surgical Instruments cannot be sterilized unless all exposed surfaces are properly cleaned, prior to sterilization, to remove all debris and properly rinsed to prevent staining. Not all Washer Disinfectors provide adequate purified water rinsing, and thereby render higher rejection rates. Washer disinfectors that apply the proper sequence of washing treatments can consistently achieve disinfection and high quality cleaning outcomes. 

Using properly designed surgical instrument cleaning detergents with enzymes and surface conditioners is critical to achieve disinfection and high quality cleaning outcomes. 

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